Club Membership

Yearly membership is $110, with a once off joining fee is $40. The club has limited its size to 50 members of which there are vacancies. This is for two reasons. Large clubs are expensive to operate and can be unwieldy in making quick decisions - we believe smaller clubs are more friendly, have higher active membership, and are more social. (You don't have to make new friends on every trip). We do request our members to attend a few meetings and several trips per year, which helps us to remain a strong involved group. Membership entitles you for Public Liability Insurance and for affiliation with Four Wheel Drive Victoria.

Eligibility for membership is to firstly attend a General Meeting followed by two(2) Four Wheel Drive Trips.

Participation & Membership Numbers

Being only a small-medium club with a limit of 50 memberships we are able to avoid large institutionalised burdens and maintain a friendly family orientated atmosphere. We request our members to attend a few meetings and trips per year that helps us to remain a strong involved group.

Driver Education

We cater for all, from complete novices to experienced four-wheel drivers. New members are taught the basics whist on trips. We recommend participating in recognised training courses as a fast way to gain knowledge.

Four Wheel Drive Victoria Association

Wanderin' Four Wheelers Inc is a member of Four Wheel Drive Victoria, and many members have active rolls in this umbrella body.

Club members can benefit from cheaper insurance rates, arranged by the Association. Another benefit is cheaper 4WD Driver Training run by Four Wheel Drive Victoria