ur Members Think of the Club

We have so much fun and laughter on the club trips and events. There are many places that we have been that we never would have dreamed of ever going 8 years ago. We have been able to see so much more of this country. The friendships that we have made are priceless. Being a small club we all know each other, it brings the whole group together as one big family all looking out for each other.

Steve and Sharon


I am a member of a large 4WD Club, as well as the Wanderin 4 Wheelers 4WD Club. I find the Wanderin 4 Wheelers so much better, it’s just like a big family. Everyone gets to know everyone really well. It’s easy to get on trips, which there are plenty of. There is a good range of age groups - from the young, to the young families, and the young at heart, and mind, even though the body work, and accessories might not be as young any more. The club is also dog friendly. A great Club.